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    Smoked spareribs - "ghetto" style

    Admittedly I'm a tad bit impatient. This sometimes causes me to do stupid things. This time it was trying to smoke some spareribs with my good ole tiny smokebox, while swimming with the kids. :) ...
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    Drew's Q - What we're using

    Well Yeehaw! My first post about Drew's Q (do we like the name?). After years of just devouring meat and always enjoying a good BBQ I decided it's high time to kick things up a notch (thanks ...
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    B&M Review - The Chop House Valencia

    So much for new owners making this place, well, better! Worst dining experience in quite some time. Wanting to try something new we decided on The ChopHouse as I'm a big steak guy. As we enter we ...
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